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MMORPG Mobile Dark Fantasy

MMORPG Mobile Dark Fantasy Games

My place is seated upon the dark throne of Chaos. 

My home resides in the Underworld and land of the dead. 

My purpose is to release the antiquated and decadent souls of this realm. 

And return them to purity.

Who am I?

I am Lord Slayer. The slayer of lies, egos and the pride of men. I am the Avenger, I am the Redeemer and I am the Risen.

What Do I Want?

I wish to sail the darkness of the universe with this empty blue ball of a Planet as my vessel — just as the darkness did so long ago.

Join  Us!

Join now or suffer later and slowly perish at the hands of our legion. You’re existence is… irrelevant. You’re torment… inconsequential.

You have been warned.

mmorpg mobile games lordslayer

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Lord Slayer Reborn is from the creator, SysOp and public figure head behind the wildly acclaimed 1993-95 bulletin board system known as, South of Heaven BBS.

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