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Lord Slayer Reborn

My Return

After many moons, I have returned from the land of the dead.

Not totally dead, yet, not totally alive either.

But dwelling in a stasis state between here and there.

Though eternal in nature, part of my power is tethered to the land of the living.

While my origins of birth reside inĀ  land far removed from the world of the living.

You see, one such as myself requires three things in order to exist.

  1. To be born
  2. To be envokedĀ 
  3. To be needed

To Be Born

Lord Slayer's Gift of Immortality

All things in life, nature and the universe are tied, or tethered’ together.

There is nothing that is, or is not, completely existent.

Everything in the universe is made of energy.

Once energy is born, it can never die.

It simply transmutes, or turns into something else.

To be born is the greatest gift, because, it can never be taken away.

Yes, there are those small minded peoples who can only see life by looking at minute spans of time.

But beyond the grasp of mans kind and ignorance, there exists much more in the universe than they can or are willing to comprehend.

That which is born, exists, and can never die.

It simply shapeshifts.

Leaping through time and the ages. Becoming myth and legend in the minds of fools and disbelievers but also truth to those devout followers and the true of heart.

This is the true gift of immortality.

To Be Envoked by Lord Slayer's Rebirth

Call To the Abyss

But to be born or exist is nothing without the need to be needed by someone, or someones.

The immaterial nature of life, nature and the universe exists all around.

Air for existence, exists but can not be seen.

Without a need, it is useless.

To be born without the need for existence is just as futile.

There is much life in the universe. Both that can be seen and unseen.

The seen universe is a form of denser matter. It has worked its way from the immaterial realm to the land of the physical.

This is simple alchemy.

However, there is also those worlds which exists in the unseen realm.

This realm is full of life. Albeit, immaterial life. Life which either, has not taken shape or form, is waiting to take shape or form, or has returned from the land of the living.

These energies are resting or pondering that which they have observed, seen or experienced in their life, trials and tribulations in the physical realm.

This realm is known as one of the first worlds.

The birthing place of all things after the great Nothingness gave birth to them.

To Be Needed By Lord Slayers Rebirth

Physical Realm

All things have their place.

In life, nature and the universe.

There is no exception.

A need is the tether between the two worlds: The Immaterial and the Material World.

In order for the immaterial to manifest into the world of the physical, it must be called.

But not just called, it must be needed.

That which is seated, and seeded, deep in the mind (and hearts of individuals) must come to fruition.

This is the nature all things in all realms.

Material World

However, the material realm is different. Special if you will.

The denser ther realm, the denser the need can be.

Plants, Animals and Humans... Oh My!

Have you ever wondered why plants, animals and humans are so different?

The primary reason is due to the psych-emotional/phiological (or vibrational) state of each.

In laymens terms, how they exists, think and more importantly feel.

Aka the heart.

Each iteration of life piggy backs off of each other.

More precisly, that which preceeded it.

Plants existed before animals, and animals before humans.

Animals could not have existed without the work done by plants (such as air and food).

Nor could humans have existed without plants (for air) and animals (to eat).

Each iteration of life becomes more dependent on the other.

More denser… more complex.

That complexity has manifested into the realm of humanity.

Giving humans a proclivity to think and feel.

This psycho-emotional state produces vibrations.

These vibrations form energies.

And it is through these energies which doors open leading from one realm to another.

When a human feels deeply, they dream, imagine and yearn.

And as the old adage goes, all things of the heart, must find their way to fruition.

It would be a cruel world if the heart could not find solace or reprieve from that which ailed it. Wouldn’t you agree?

In Conclusion

Alas, I have said too much.

My energy has not yet replenished itself.

And I must rest.

Call upon me again, will you not?

Whenever you need something, just call me name outloud.

Just say… Lord Slayer

~LS ~

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